History of the Company

CORCOVADO NATURAL© emerged as an initiative to provide a unique and qualified service to the local tourist as well as the foreign tourist. Like we do, many tour companies fairly offer the same tours, the same destinations and the same itineraries, in CORCOVADO NATURAL©, we seek for a constant innovation; so our customers can be satisfied when they leave out of our country, so they can have a reason for coming back to visit.

The company formers, Carlos Matarrita and Alexandra Alfaro; have known how to give their characteristic magic touch, that makes each and every one of those who visit us to have a full satisfaction due to our personalized service. Him, native from the beautiful city of Turrialba, also known as the “Campiña Azucarera” -due to the sugar cane fields- arrived to the beautiful place in 2001. But destiny had something else already prepared for him in this earth paradise.

He has been almost living in the community of Agujitas for about 12 years, young entrepreneur, visionary, an expert local and naturalist tour
Carlos Matarrita & Alexandra Alfaro; Owners and formers of Corcovado Natural© company.
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About us
guide with 20 years of experience in Costa Rica, connoisseur of Costa Rican tourist destinations. She is native from Palmar -southern Costa Rica-. Hard-working, vigorous warrior, a lead-by-example woman, is in charge of the operative and logistics of the company. She along with her husband Carlos; brought to life the idea of creating the company. Their eagerness for making some income also brought them to solving some of the people´s needs such as jobs to raise their families in the small community of Drake Bay and surrounding towns.
To push the scarce economy of the area, educating teenagers and children, to improve and promoting the local services, to protect the natural resources of the area, located in Osa Peninsula; all that hasn’t been an easy job to do.

However, their effort and dedication, have reached the top with great success through the years. All those travelers he himself has guided to, all those visitors who have been satisfied on each and every activity organized by the company and advised by Alexandra, to work along with other companies, have bestowed them the kindness, professionalism, competitively, human warmth and respect. Now a days, we are a company who does the best of ourselves, and the most rejoicing and worth of all… our total guarantee of satisfaction.
Carlos Matarrita & Alexandra Alfaro
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Goal of the Company

The southern part of Costa Rica encloses one of the largest natural wonders on the American continent, and one of the last remnants of tropical humid forest. Located in the Osa Peninsula, the Corcovado National Park conserves a vast extension of territory that holds more than 54000 hectares. - 133.450 Acres-, yet unexplored forest areas, and an impressive amount of one of a kind biodiversity in the world.
In spite of such a beauty, we ventured ourselves to show to the world and to those who are visiting us, the splendecent beauty of the area, its flora and fauna, and the chance of helping the people of the community, so they can look after their families.

We need to educate the people of this community, the young and children, who see in the tourism business the opportunity to study, to break their limitations and to break apart all the barriers, so they can have the right tools to create new ideas to protect every corner of this earth paradise. Our main goal is to educate the locals and to those who visit us, even though there are thousands of beautiful places in the world, quite a few like Corcovado Park are still conserving part of its nature untouched.

To see an ever-green forest, lush and full of wildlife like being featured in movies or documentaries, it is not enough, you must to live it and feel it yourself. That's why, our company focuses exclusively on every customer visiting us, so they can have the chance of being a part of this nature we all belong to.

In our company, we learn from all of each and every experience lived day by day, and we take the good things of every moment we share with the ones we come across with. Every comment, the satisfaction and happiness of everyone mirrored on their faces, are the proof of our success. We do not forget the tears shed and the tough moments we have been through, as an essential piece of our growth which has helped us to be stronger, confident and to improve ourselves as a company. That's the face many other companies hide… and we show it to you proudly as a pure evidence of how human we are inside. That is our duty, to be in everyone's shoes and try to understand every single of your requests, because we have learned throughout the pass of time and through experience...to give you the right answers.

Feel free to contact us...if you look for further information we will gladly be serving you and making you feel as part of the family. Make yourself at home; we will make your trip an unforgettable memory in this natural paradise of the southern part of Costa Rica.
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