A world in the dark! A world in the dark!
A world in the air!! A world in the air!!
Nature Activity for everybody! Nature Activity for everybody!
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Bug Tour
Description of the Activity
Buuuuugggggs? Yeap…the hated and feared insects for some people, but for some others, insects are a full delight to watch due to their interesting ways to survive and to coexists within a rough tropical ecosystem. Our expert naturalist guides will take you into a journey to a miniature world, where in you will learn about the natural history of a great variety of insects, to hear great impressive stories and the best of all…to make you to enjoy to the limit.
Maybe, we can change your fear perspective to insects, and turn it into admiration and passion due to their abilities to survive in a very dangerous environment and also natural to them.

Spiders, ants, beetles, cockroaches, walking sticks, Hercules beetles, harlequin beetles, crickets, and a large diversity of insects wait for you in the rainforest. You will end up all amazed by all the kinds of extraordinary bugs, not way too far and just few feet away where you started the tour.
It will remind you some particular characters in the DISNEY-PIXAR movie…“BUGS”.

Do NOT fear the bugs…it’s an activity you will love like everyone do.
$ 30
A miniature world for kids and grown-ups!
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Itinerary of the Tour

-Departure from the hotel you stay in.
-Walk on the trails.
-Return to the hotel.


-Naturalist tour guide equipped with optics.
-Extra flashlights for the activity.
-Transport if needed.
Departure: 7-8 pm *(right after dinner according to the hotel schedules).
Return: 10 pm.
Corcovado Natural Nature Tours.
Bahía Drake, Osa Península.
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** NO swimming areas due to sharks and crocodiles presence in both rivers and the beach. Activity recommended for people in very good shape. The possibility of big swells makes this trip not suitable for people with cardio-issues, nervous people, obesity, certain states of pregnancy or very young children.

** Shoes or hiking boots for walking. TEVAS or Crocs are essential for the Catarata trail which terrain is broken. Use of sandals, flip-flops are not recommended, but very useful for river-crossing or beach-landing.

*In CORCOVADO NATURAL we DO NOT book flights, so we suggest in checking the flight departure schedules and public transports to Palmar Sur or Bahia Drake. Daily direct public services are also available.