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Snorkeling tourists close to a couple of marine turtles.
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Corcovado Natural Nature Tours.
Bahía Drake, Osa Península.
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Life in the darkness! Life in the darkness!
An aquatic  world full of wildlife! An aquatic  world full of wildlife!
Adventure from the top! Adventure from the top!
Itinerary of the tour

-Departure from Bahia Drake.
-Visit to “El Jardin" (-The Garden-) for the first snorkeling stop.
-Arrival to the beach.
-Second snorkeling inmertion.
-Lunch at San Josecito beach, hotel or local restaurant.
-Return to the hotel.


-Qualified Naturalist Tour Guide.
-Entrance fee.
-Snorkel gear (goggles, snorkel, fins, life vest**).
**The life vest is a wearable requirement for this activity under the Park Service rules.
-Lunch picnic style.

Departure: 7 am
Return: 2 pm
     One of the marine wonders of the Pacific Coast of Central America, lies in Costa Rica, Caño island. A place full of magic for those who enjoy sports such as snorkeling or SCUBA diving, the marine biodiversity, as well as the 19 coral reefs species all around the island. These natural attractions cover with charm the aquatic landscape along with the vegetation of the place. In the island, you can also find remains of what used to be an old burial ground used by the natives dating back some centuries ago, and the presence of some sphere stones still seen.

     The spectacular view from the lookout, contrasts with the beauty of the ocean, the horizon, and the greenery of Corcovado National Park in the distance. Its warm and white sanded beach makes you feel like being in a place only seen on television documentaries or movies.

     Undoubtedly, this is the ideal place for you and your family, and you will enjoy this mystique paradise, of great mysteries, full of contrasts and historic landscapes.
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Caño Island.

Snorkeling Tour.
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** Shoes or hiking boots for walking. TEVAS or Crocs are essential for the Catarata trail which terrain is broken. Use of sandals, flip-flops are not recommended, but very useful for river-crossing or beach-landing.

*In CORCOVADO NATURAL we DO NOT book flights, so we suggest in checking the flight departure schedules and public transports to Palmar Sur or Bahia Drake. Daily direct public services are also available.