Canopy Tour
     The feeling of walking through the rainforest is just a privilege a very few enjoy. To see how all of its species interact among each other in many ways, and how their natural cycles take place over and over. However, the action comes along on the hands of those who want to go further, to another level. Those who want to see the rainforest from a different angle.

From the top!!!

     Feel the adrenaline running on each and every cubic centimeter of your body, feel the sensation of vibrating every time you reach one of the platforms to the next...from tree to tree. Feel the breeze right on your face, observe all the rainforest activity taking place on the ground and see it with a full preference up on the canopy, while you zipline across the forest from side to side.

No doubt, and experience for those who like thrilling sensations.
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** Shoes or hiking boots for walking. TEVAS or Crocs are essential for the Catarata trail which terrain is broken. Use of sandals, flip-flops are not recommended, but very useful for river-crossing or beach-landing.

*In CORCOVADO NATURAL we DO NOT book flights, so we suggest in checking the flight departure schedules and public transports to Palmar Sur or Bahia Drake. Daily direct public services are also available.
$ 75
Summer Season Offer!
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Life in the darkness! Life in the darkness!
An aquatic  world full of wildlife! An aquatic  world full of wildlife!
Adventure from the top! Adventure from the top!
Itinerary of the tour

-Departure from Bahia Drake.
-Arrival to the Canopy tour office.
-Hike to the platforms.
-Return to the hotel.
-Lunch optional.


-Naturalist Tour Guide.
-Entrance fee.
-Equipment for the activity.

Departure: 7 am
Return: 2 pm
Skype (506) 6024-6457
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