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How to get to Bahía Drake?

     About six hours from the capital, San Jose; you can access by road, driving on the Costanera highway or the Interamerican highway. Either by private car, rentals or public transportation offered by the TRACOPA company. Since the Costanera is a more recent highway, the demanding travellers population has a better bus schedules and comfortable bus units in both routes. Due to the extended periods of the journey, some a-must-do stops are required along the way in order to going to the bathroom, get some food or some snacks for the trip, etc. The final destination will be Palmar Norte and once there, a regular bus service goes to the town of Sierpe (20 minutes). In Sierpe, boat captains await with their fully equipped boats and powerful engines, to take you in a journey through the Sierpe river and through the protected mangrove site, until you reach the river mouth and then entering the ocean. This trip will take you to Bahia Drake ($10 locals) and $15 (tourists). Departure times at 11:30 am, 3:30 pm - 4 pm (months of more tourist activity). Also, private boat transports can be hired in advanced for a better service.
ETA: 45 minutes up to one hour if weather conditions are ideal.

Another way to access is driving through the Interamerican highway until you get to a town called “Chacarita”. A gas station is the reference there. Take the road that leads to Puerto Jimenez and then look for a sign in a junction saying “Rincon”. Take the gravel road to Rincon which drives you to Bahía Drake directly. From there, if the weather conditions are the best and some of the rivers are low, this might take up to 2 hours approximately so thus; we recommend four wheeled-drive cars for the roughed terrain.

Also, Mr. Pedro Alvarez; an experienced local taxi driver, owns a 16 passangers van unit and offers Sierpe-San Jose roundtrip shuttles for $40 (locals) and $50 (tourists) a person. You can also arrange the pick-up areas in San Jóse which guarantees you safety and a pleasant trip. Also shuttles to Bahia Drake are offered.

Transportation Schedules:

By Road
Bus Service TRACOPA.
Schedules: Hourly.
Routes: Costanera and Interamerican Highways.
Rates: Around ¢5620 - ¢6500 ($10.6 - $12.2) *Actual currency rate.

Pedro Álvarez Shuttles
Contact Phone number: (506) 8703-2121 or contact us at

By Air:
Flights offered by NatureAir y SANSA.
Departures: Please check departure times of each company and flights availability.
Flight to: Palmar Sur or Bahía Drake.
¢57.000 colones *regular rate). ($107.5)
¢15000 - ¢20000 ($28,30 $37.73)
** Offers in low season. Costa Ricans and recidents only.

**The tourists low season or the lowest months of activity in Bahia Drake are May thru September.
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