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Nature Gallery
Nature Gallery
Nature Gallery
     Located just 30 minutes off Drake Bay, the small village of Los Planes bounds with the Corcovado National Park, cradle of the park ranger station of the same name, with its impressive landscape and the warmth of its people. Enjoy the diversity and the beauty of the primary forest in this day tour pack. An activity that captivates from the very beginning and that will make you vibrate before such an outstanding natural and biodiversity that only Corcovado National Park offers. Tall trees, lushy vegetation, exotic fauna, and tropical fresh air mix together to bring to life this wonderful and natural paradise.
Walk on the natural trails near the ranger station, walk through the primary and secondary forest, and luckily you will come across with some of the wildlife such as peccaries, coati mundis, tapirs, agoutis, sloths, also you may observe birds like scarlet macaws, toucans, hawks, falcons, hummingbirds or watch the white-faced or the spider monkeys swiftly cruising across the forest canopy to finally stopping in a natural pool for a refreshing swim in its crystal clear waters. Then, enjoy a delicious lunch in town under the expertise cuisine of the locals.

An activity you will enjoy deeply!!
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Corcovado National Park.

Los Planes Ranger Station-Day Tour
Activity Details:
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Itinerary of the tour

-Departure and transfer from Drake Bay to Los Planes.
-Arrival to the Los Planes Park Ranger Station.
-Walk on the trails of the place and stop for swimming.
-Return to your hotel.


-Entrance fee
-Naturalist tour guide and equipped with optics.
-Snacks/drinks for the activity.

Departure: 6:30 am
Return: 2 pm
Skype (506) 6024-6457
Summer Season Offer!
$ 80
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Romantic Sunset in Corcovado!! Romantic Sunset in Corcovado!!
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