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Estación de Guarda-parques Sirena Pizote/Coati mundi
Watch the brightness of the night in this tour!
$ 25
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Swimming? At come?

     That's right. Swimming during the day is a lot of fun, swimming at night, is way much funnier and a unique experience. Into the night, you will see things you don't normally come across with, such as night fish, star fishes, crabs, and more, and all of them come out of their hiding spots. Some coral reefs switch their colors, while some other creatures interact as a whole society in a unique aquatic ecosystem. Each and every one of them emerges from the dark willing to accomplish their natural role in nature.

Watch some of these species in their own habitat; learn some natural history about them with our fully bilingual and professional tour guides. Experience, feel, and look the ocean lightening while you enjoy its wonderful and warm water.

An experience that will catch all of your senses!!
Bioluminescence Tour
Description of the Activity
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Itinerary of the Tour

-Meeting point at Carlos Pacheco's office.
-Walk to the beach prior to try all the gear to get in the water.
-Inmersion in the water for the first part of the tour.
-Walk on the beach.


-Life vest.
-Naturalist Tour Guide.
-Flashlights for the activity.
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