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3 Days / 2 Nights in Corcovado
Tour Itinerary

Day 1

-Departure from the beach or hotel where you are staying at (Restrictions applied).
-Arrival to San Pedrillo Park Ranger Station.
-Walk on the Rio Pargo trail (Pargo means snapper fish).
-Return to the ranger station (lunch).
-Walk to the Catarata trail (waterfall) for a swim.
*Shoes or hiking boots are imperative to be worn, though we also recommend TEVAS or crocs for river crossing.
-Return to the ranger station.

Day 2

-Walk on the trails or walk to Campanario Preserve.
-Return to the ranger station.

Day 3

-Walk around the Park Ranger Station.
-Return to Drake Bay.

Departure: 6:30 am.
Return: 1 pm


-Entrance fee and reservation.
-Transport (navigation credentials up-to-date, life jackets and radio communication on board).
-Trained tour guide and geared with optics.
-First Aid Kit.
-Picnic lunch style.
     It is an activity to enjoy individually, with your family or with friends. San Pedrillo is a place beloved for people of all ages due to the diversity of species and scenic beauty of the area. It is a place for those who seek the beauty and the biodiversity of the primary rainforest in its entire splendor, from any angle you want to see it to. Lushy vegetation, like the ones featured in movies and documentaries full of beauty and scenic peace, which contrast with the faunistic harmony of the place. Wildlife such as white faced monkeys, howlers, sloths, anteaters, a great variety of birds, snakes like the fearsome fer-der-lance, toucans and sometimes the elusive tapir, just to mention some animal samples. Enjoy a delicious picnic buffet style lunch prepared by our experts staff and the gran-finale…a refreshing and rejuvenating swim in a pool near a pristine and fresh waters waterfall of this Earth paradise. Then enjoy the beautiful sunset from the beach, while the sky darkens, dinner will be ready to be shared with the crew and the nice people of the ranger station. Walk at night and discover the wonders of the rainforest and bird watch in the morning, while you explore more of the forest all around the park ranger station.

An activity you can not miss for sure!!
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Corcovado National Park.

San Pedrillo Natural (3 days/2 nights).
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$ 320
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