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Beauty and biodiversity! Beauty and biodiversity!
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     Your visit to Costa Rica cannot be perfect if you missed the southern part of the country. And the best way to do it is with this Combo Tour Pack that includes the Corcovado National Park considered biologically intense on Earth by the worldwide acclaimed National Geographic Society (NatGeo). Walk through the dense vegetation and observe the green exquisiteness around you, while the white faced monkeys feed on some fruits on the trees, the spider monkeys cruise right over the canopy with such a great agility, or listen to the thunderous-like howler monkeys rumbling throughout the rainforest. Exotic birds with colorful feathers are the temptation for any enthusiastic ornithologist, tapirs, peccaries, crocodiles, sloths and all the amazing biodiversity of the rainforest in San Pedrillo contrasting with the beautiful natural landscape of the Pacific Ocean; which in turn, invites you to discover the magic and the mysteries of Caño Island.

     The beautifulness of the coral reefs fascinates to those who practice sports such as snorkeling or scuba, and for the most adventurous… the forest over the island offers mystery and charm when you look at the stone spheres of an ancient native cemetery. Undoubtedly, one more reason to close with a flourish your visit to Costa Rica.
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San Pedrillo-Island (4 days-3 nights Tour Pack).
Itinerary of the Tour

Day 1

-Arrival to Palmar Sur. Check flight or bus service schedules from San José.
-A taxi driver will pick you up in Palmar, then 20 minutes’ drive to Sierpe.
-A boat will depart at 11:30 am to Drake Bay, trip that takes 45 minutes/1 hour.
-Arrival to Drake Bay and transfer to your hotel.

Day 2

-Beach departure or from the hotel (Conditions applied).
-Arrival to San Pedrillo park ranger station.
-Walk on Rio Pargo trail.
-Picnic lunch at the station.
-Walk to the waterfall.
-Return to Drake Bay.

Day 3

-Departure to Caño Island scheduled to 7:30 am.
-First session in the snorkeling area known as “The Garden”.
-Arrival to the beach.
-Walk on the island and visit to spheres.
-Second snorkeling trip.
-Lunch in San Josecito beach.
-Return to Drake Bay.

Day 4

-Departure to Sierpe at 7:15 am.
-A taxi driver will take you to the airport or to the bus station.
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** Shoes or hiking boots for walking. TEVAS or Crocs are essential for the Catarata trail which terrain is broken. Use of sandals, flip-flops are not recommended, but very useful for river-crossing. Sandals are perfect for beach-landing.

* In CORCOVADO NATURAL we DO NOT book flights, so we suggest in checking the flight departure schedules and public transports to Palmar Sur or Bahia Drake. Daily direct public services are also available.

-Naturalist tour guide with optic equipment.
-Entrance fee to both natural sites.
Biologically Intense on Earth in just one place!! Biologically Intense on Earth in just one place!!
Nature and adventure in Corcovado! Nature and adventure in Corcovado!