3 Days/2 Nights Adventure in Corcovado!
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     The primary and secondary rainforest in Sirena, are ideal spots for those who look for exciting experiences and want to enjoy the natural ecosystems in all its magnificence. The flora and fauna are varied in every corner of the forest, and the beauty of the scenery turns this place into a living paradise. The trails are an invitation to the enthusiastic naturalists who enjoy the magic of being surrounded by vegetation and enjoys animal species that might come across the path. Some wildlife samples such as the four monkey species of Costa Rica, peccaries, anteaters, sloths, coatis, sometimes the elusive tapir, are possibly seen. An afternoon walk to Rio Claro invites you to refresh yourself in its pristine and rejuvenating water, watch the sunset and spend the night at the station.

     Listen to the frogs croaking and the insects clink as if they were playing a natural concert in a full rhythmic tone. The delightful meal comes next with a tasty dinner. The early morning is also plagued with surprises, when you walk early before sunrise and maybe you come across with tapirs, peccaries, deers, and some of the wildlife you might find in your way and maybe…you can see crocodiles or bull sharks in the river. After breakfast, explore the trails in search of more adventure.
Charm and colorful wings! Charm and colorful wings!
A world in miniature! A world in miniature!
A world full of great frog stories! A world full of great frog stories!
Corcovado National Park.
Sirena Expeditioneer (3 days/2 nights).
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Itinerary of the tour

Day 1

-Departure from the beach or hotel (Restrictions applied).
-Arrival to Sirena beach.
-Walk on the trails of the national park.
-Arrival to the ranger station.
-Walk to Rio Claro trail.

Day 2 - Sunrise in Sirena

-Walk on the trails.
-Walk on the trails.
-Afternoon hike.

Day 3

-Walk on the trails.
-Lunch (Optional).
-Return to Bahia Drake.

Departure: 6 am.
Return: 1 pm.


-Entrance fee and reservation.
-Transport (navigation credentials up-to-date, life jackets and radio communication on board).
-Naturalist Tour Guide equipped with optics.
-First Aid Kit.
-Meals included.
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** NO swimming areas due to sharks and crocodiles presence in both rivers and the beach. Activity recommended for people in very good shape. The possibility of big swells makes this trip not suitable for people with cardio-issues, nervous people, obesity, certain states of pregnancy or very young children.

** Shoes or hiking boots for walking. TEVAS or Crocs are essential for the Catarata trail which terrain is broken. Use of sandals, flip-flops are not recommended, but very useful for river-crossing or beach-landing.

*In CORCOVADO NATURAL we DO NOT book flights, so we suggest in checking the flight departure schedules and public transports to Palmar Sur or Bahia Drake. Daily direct public services are also available.
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