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Costa Rica

Tourism in Costa Rica
-Ecotourism is extremely popular among foreign tourists visiting the large number of national parks and protected areas that exist throughout the country. Costa Rica was one of the pioneers in eco-tourism and is recognized as one of the few international destinations with real choices of eco-tourism.

-In the classification of the competitiveness index in 2011 tourism and travel, Costa Rica was 44, the second ranked among countries in Latin America after Mexico. Competitive advantages to develop tourist ventures are in the area of human, cultural and natural resources, in which Costa Rica is, classified in the place 33 worldwide, and classified in sixth place when natural resources are considered isolated.

-With a revenue of US $2,156 million in 2011, the tourism of Costa Rica obtained 30% of revenues from tourism in the Central American region, and stands out as the most visited destination of the isthmus, with a total of 2.2 million foreign tourists who visited the country in 2011, followed by Panama with almost 1.5 million and Guatemala with 1.2 million visitors.
Tourism business has benefited all the communities of Costa Rica; since the creation of services, family businesses, improvement and construction of new infrastructure.
-In 2012, the country reached the historical record of visitors with 2.34 million tourists, of which 864.340 came from the United States. With around 500 visitors per thousand inhabitants, Costa Rica has one of the highest rates of tourists per capita of the basin of the Caribbean.

-Most of foreign visitors come from the United States (39%) and Canada (7%), and from countries of the European Union (16%), what allows to receive on average approximately US$ 1000 per visitor, value per visit among the highest in Latin America. In 2005, tourism contributed 8.1% of the country's GDP, and it represented 13.3% of direct and indirect jobs. Since the beginning of the year 2000, tourism generates more income currency than exporting bananas and coffee together for the country.

-Health tourism is emerging as a great opportunity for Costa Rica, and on 26 November 2012 the Government of Costa Rica declares, by Executive Decree, tourism health and welfare as a public interest.
Tourism has benefited the communities of Costa Rica; Since the creation of services, family businesses, improvement and construction of new infrastructure.
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Costa Rica mantiene su liderazgo al ser acreditado con los mejores guias naturalistas del mundo, y cuya profesionalidad surge por el buen proceso educativo del pais. En la fotografia, de derecha a izquierda; Vista panorámica del Volcan Poas. Marvin Leitón (Guia Naturalista Monteverde); Mónica Leal (Guia General) y Carlos Matarrita (Guía y Fundador de la compañía en Corcovado).
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